Interview time!

When I was out at Hub City Comic Con, I got to sit down with the super fun and friendly guys from the podcast website The Pubcade. We talked about my series, what is coming up in the series, my journey into the graphic novel world, and my video game addiction. Check it out if you want to know more about what makes me tick!


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East Texas Book Fest & Hub City Comic Con

The Skyy Huntington Series

Hey all! Been super busy lately working on book 4 in the series, and doing lots of events! Hope that you’ve all had a chance to pick up and read Guided by Moonlight, and that you loved reading about Lucius as much as I loved writing his story!

I have a lot of events planned the next few months, and into next year, with more being added all the time! So if you’re in Tyler, Texas August 22nd, swing by the Harvey Convention Center and see me along with 100 other authors! There will be workshops, panels, and lots of cool events. I’ll be in booth 4C, right next to my awesome author friends Miracle Austin, and Brandy Corona!

The weekend after that is Hub City Comic Con in Lubbock August 28th-30th at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center! It’s the first comic con in the area, and already has lots of great artists, cosplayers, authors, celebs, and more on the roster. I’ll be in booth 617!

Also, I meet so many awesome people at my live events that buy my paperback books and love them. Several of you have contacted me saying you’d love to review them on Amazon but can’t. They have changed their policy on reviews, only letting verified purchases through Amazon be reviewed. BUT, fear not! You can always leave your review for me on Goodreads!

I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people at the cons/signings I have done this year. So please, if you’re in the area and can make it out to one of my events, stop by and chat with me! I love meeting my fans, or making new ones!


Guided by Moonlight paperback

Had some small hiccups getting the paperback version of Guided by Moonlight ready at the time of release. But, it’s all set now! You can order signed copies through my website here or unsigned copies off of Amazon! You can also pick up copies of all of my books at any of my live events, and I will sign them for you. I have several events coming up over the next few months, so be sure to check my calendar to see if I’ll be in a city near you!

Here it is! So in love with the font 🙂



The Pursuit Special Edition cover retired!

I have officially retired the Special Edition cover of The Pursuit! The only way to get it now is to order through my website, or come see me at one of my live events! I only have about 50 copies left, and they won’t last long! My next event is Space City Comic Con in Houston, TX July 24th-26th. I will have both the Special Edition, and normal covers with me. The normal cover of The Pursuit is available on Amazon, through my website, or at my live events!

Here is the SE cover:

Holly (3)








Here is the normal cover:

The PursuitPRINT updatedBlurb

Kindle Unlimited users

I am assuming if you’re reading this, that you love to read! But a lot of customers who use Kindle Unlimited don’t know about the changes they have made under the hood to how authors get paid. We used to get paid when a reader would read 10% of our books. Now we will get paid by pages read. So in order to get our full royalties for our books, the reader has to finish the entire book.

There were a lot of people scamming the system by uploading short books that gained the 10% read almost immediately upon opening the book in your Kindle. I have not had any issues with the program in general in the past, as most readers finish my first book, then go on to read the others in the series.

But, since this is a new way to track my sales (it shows how many pages have been read, instead of how many units sold) I will give it a chance this first month, and then decide if I want to keep my books in the program. I personally know a LOT of authors who have pulled their books from the program, so if you see your favorite authors dropping out of Kindle Unlimited, now you know why!

Just a little something to keep in mind for those readers who download every free book they find that they like….there is an author out there patiently waiting for you to read her book so she can get paid! 🙂

By the way, it is Indie Pride Day….so I’d love to give a shout out to all my fellow indie authors, and all of our customers who support us!

Space City Comic Con – Houston July 24th – 26th

I am really excited to tell you guys about my next event. I’ll be in Houston at the Space City Comic Con, and there is a HUGE Star Trek reunion going on! 20th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager, and there are so many guests it makes my head spin! PLUS so many other awesome celebrities, this will be a great comic con! SpaceCityLogo

Once I know my booth info I will post it…but you can BUY TICKETS HERE


Graphic Novels

Along with writing book 4 in The Skyy Huntington Series this year, I am moving forward with a dream of mine to publish graphic novels. By the end of this year I hope to have my series converted into a graphic novel, as well as branching off into stand-alone graphic novels based on characters in the series. I loved writing about Lucius, and would like to continue developing background stories for other secondary characters. I recently started doing comic cons selling my books, and they have gone over well, and anyone who knows me can tell you that it’s been a long-time dream of mine to be in the comic industry in some way, shape, or form.

Would you be interested in reading graphic novels based on The Lucent, Dreamer, The Radiant Fae, or any of the other  characters in my series? Who else would you like to see come to life in either a novel, or graphic novel?

Place your vote below, or feel free to let me know more of your thoughts! holly@holly or find me on Twitter and Facebook and give me your thoughts!


Would you be interested in reading graphic novels based on Radiant Fae/The Lucent?

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Who’s ready for the blurb reveal!?

Ok guys! Who is excited about Lucius’ book coming out June 30th 2015?! I will officially reveal the cover tomorrow, but here is a special sneak peak treat of the blurb:

Guided By Moonlight – Lucius’ Story

This is a stand-alone novel based on characters from The Skyy Huntington Series, and goes up to the timeline of where The Pursuit ended. While you can read this as a solitary book, it does contain spoilers from the series.

Lucius Gallus has been alive for a really, really long time, and there is a lot more to his story than one might think. You’ve gotten to know him as the quiet, brooding, leader of his “vampire family” in The Skyy Huntington Series, but now we’ll take a journey far back in time to learn about his origins.

Centuries ago he was a medicus living a very normal life. He fell in love and had a child, and then one night his life was changed in a brutal way…but he never lost his humanity. Learn what it is like to fall down so hard, you cannot imagine how to begin to pick yourself back up.

This is the story of a man-turned-vampire who cannot be broken. This is the story of Lucius Gallus.