Did You Know – 11

Today we will talk about the Order of the Divine Assassins! The backstory to where I got the idea for the name has a lot of sentimental history to it for me! A lot of you already know that I am a huge gamer, and though I have been console gaming since my Atari days, my first MMORPG was EverQuest. I got a trial copy of it when I bought something from BestBuy in 1998, and I actually had no idea that I was playing with other people. I learned quickly though, and before long I was on my way to making my own guild in-game.

A good friend and I had some drinks on the patio of a local Irish pub one night, trying to decide on what we would call our new guild. A bunch of laughs (and beers) later, the Divine Assassins were born! We cleared some major raid content in EverQuest, before we went into World of Warcraft as Divine Assassins Reborn. I still game with a good chunk of those original members, almost twenty years later!

I love to imagine Skyy and her friends zipping around the world through their portals. Writing about how Skyy reacted to the learning potions was also a blast, and a pivotal part of the story. The two separate reactions changed her completely, and I would love to write a background story about the Order, and delve deeper into why Flavia and Skyy  had such odd things happen to them when Divine Assassin magic was introduced to their vampire bodies. The long, extended lives of the members of the Order is also something I’d like to explore! 

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Did You Know – 10

Today I am going to talk all about my main villain, Elizabeth Bathory. Most of the people who read my series have no idea that she is (or was!) an actual person. She was born in 1560, and was quite possibly the worlds most prolific serial killer. Using her as my inspiration for a villain was easy, since she set a pretty good stage!

I first read about her back in 1995 when I bought a book called The Blood Countess. I had already devoured all I could about Dracula, having read the novel, and several spin offs, as well as all of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle books that were out at the time. I was hungry for more gore, horror, and vampires! That was well before everyone had computers in their homes, or the ease of e-books and the Internet. I collected dozens of books over the years on lore, legends, and facts about vampires, and somehow Elizabeth Bathory was also mentioned in them.

I was both shocked, and intrigued by the events that took place with Bathory, and wanted to find out more. It turns out that Vlad Tepes (the man that the book Dracula was designed after) was her great-uncle. Bathory is “famous” for killing at least 600 girls, so I guess crazy ran in their family. Supposedly she would bathe in the blood of young virgin girls, believing that it would keep her youthful. Whether that is true or not is unknown, but she was found guilty of the torture and murder of hundreds of innocent girls.

Bathory was imprisoned in a set of small rooms within her castle, and then bricked in. She stayed there for four years until her death. Since her body was moved after burial, the location is unknown, and I took her history and fictionalized it in my series. Not only is she a crazed, magic-wielding vampire, but she is also trying to play God by experimenting on herself with the DNA of the Dark Fae race. She tortures and imprisons them, just like she did with the girls in her human life. 

The only time you see a shred of weakness in her, is when Jackson enters the picture in The Pursuit. Their crazy, dysfunctional “relationship” shows a softness in Bathory. But she doesn’t trust anyone, even someone she may have had feelings for at one point in time.

Elaborating on her fictionalized character was probably the most fun I had while writing my series. While I did enjoy writing about Lucius in Guided by Moonlight, fleshing out Bathory let my imagination go wild on the dark side! I needed her to be an unquestionable villain, and I hope I did a good job of it.

Did You Know – 9

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today will be about Skyy and Aiden! Writing their love story was SO much fun! From the very moment the idea for The Lie popped into my head, I knew that I wanted their romance to be more old fashioned. I didn’t like the thought of my main character jumping into bed with her love interest in the third chapter. Building up a meaningful relationship for the two of them was very important to me!

I also wanted there to be a lot of mystery in the beginning of The Lie. Revealing what Aiden is was gradual, and I wanted people to step into Skyy’s shoes as she wonders what she saw in the cemetery that night. She knows this “entity” is following her, and while it kind of scares her, it intrigues her even more. She wants to find out who…or what… he is, and Aiden doesn’t know how to respond. He is attracted to her, but knows that a relationship with a human would be unwise.

Skyy doesn’t give up, and leaves letters for him outside her door, and Aiden is also curious to find out more about her. The communication evolves from letters, to talking online, then the phone, and then they meet in person. The scene where Aiden comes to Skyy’s rescue was one of my favorite scenes to write! It is the first time she sees him, after all of that wondering. Aiden was terrified to meet her in person, but protecting her overtook all of his fear as he rushes in to save her. Skyy was already captivated by him and their interactions before that night, but once she sees how handsome he is, she really wants to know more about him!

Little did Aiden know that this woman would change his life, in more ways than one! From the moment he saves her from the burglar in her house, he is thrown right into the mix of things, and his need to protect her kicks in. He takes her to his mansion to keep her safe, and throughout The Lie, their budding relationship grows. Aiden sees the huge threat that Skyy is in, and when Killian reveals that Elizabeth Bathory herself is after her family, he knows that there is no going back. 

Aiden is very old fashioned, and also very shy! He has never been with a woman physically, and had no interest in dating in the vampire world. So when he meets Skyy, he is very chivalrous. When she is abducted from his castle in The Countess, he realizes just how much Skyy means to him. The battle to get her back is agonizing for Aiden; he doesn’t know if he will ever see her again. Once she is safe, and back at his side, he knows he doesn’t ever want to be apart from her again.

As their relationship continues to grow, Skyy becomes frustrated that Aiden wants to wait until they are married to have sex. I know it’s the 21st century, but this was important to me! I really wanted that relationship to be fleshed out as more than just sex in the series, and to show how much he deeply cares about her. Skyy is the one to initiate their first kiss, and the shower scene in The Countess was very fun to write!

Their wedding in The Lucent was also a blast to write! I wanted it to be magical, and what better way to do it than in The Lucent with Radiant Fae all around you!?

I hope that you enjoyed the gradual romance between Skyy and Aiden. I loved writing a “knight in shining armor” lead male, and while Skyy is no damsel in distress, I don’t think she would have made it as far as she did with Aiden by her side!

Did You Know – 8

Today’s “Did You Know” is about Aiden’s mother, Fiona. Much like Lucius, I had not fully fleshed out who Fiona would become in the later books, because I didn’t actually intend for it to become a series. I knew that I wanted Aiden to have someone with him on his journey into immortality. He had stayed by his mother’s side when all her other children abandoned her in their human lives back in the 1400s. They had a close bond, and while Aiden was desperately looking for a cure to save his mother when she becomes ill, I thought it would be perfect for them to stick together in the afterlife.

As I mentioned in the spotlight about Christian, I had always intended to kill him off at the end of The Lie. While I was writing the scene where Fiona tries to save him, it all just clicked. They were two people unlikely to hook up under normal conditions, but she and Christian formed a bond, that would turn out to become stronger and stronger as time went by.  Her bubbly personality, and her natural instinct to take care of those around her, made her the perfect match for Christian. His broken heart begins to mend, and before long they are on their way to their happiness. They both have fun-loving, adventurous personalities, and I thought they would be a perfect match!

I wanted her to be a caregiver, and though she is tiny, she is not to be underestimated. She has been trained by Lucius and Aiden to fight and defend herself, and her family. You see both a sweet side, and a deadly side to her in the series! It was important to me to not just have her as the pretty, helpless damsel. So when the fighting starts, she is right there in the mix of things.

I also loved writing the interactions she has with Skyy. Fiona is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and all the latest trends. That was something she found a passion for when her and Aiden began their adventure. They suddenly had more money than they knew what to do with, and were mingling with royalty. Fiona had never been rich in her mortal life, so it was all new and exciting for her. She loves playing with Skyy’s hair, and enhancing her natural beauty. She doesn’t get the chance to mingle with many women, so as their “family” gets bigger and bigger, Fiona plans makeovers and special pampering parties as often as possible!

I think most of us wish we had a mother-in-law as cool as Fiona! Skyy has no trouble bonding with Fiona because she is so sweet and caring. She saw how happy Skyy made her son, and that was her biggest wish for him; to finally find happiness.

Maybe I will write a story on what Christian and Fiona end up doing after the series ends!

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Did You Know – 7

Lucius Gallus is today’s spotlight! Though I love all of my characters, Lucius is definitely one of my favorites. In The Lie, I only had a rough outline of who he would eventually become, as he was a secondary support character. I got a little burnt out on writing from Skyy’s perspective after The Portal, which is when I decided I wanted to do a background story on Lucius.

Guided by Moonlight was my favorite book to write. I love history, and ancient Rome especially, so starting his story and moving through the centuries was very exciting for me. I really wanted to try to put myself into his shoes, and imagine how terrifying it would be to be exiled, and on the run not knowing what was happening to you. Lucius is all alone, fending for his life after being attacked by what he can only call a monster.

He had everything taken away from him, and I wanted to have the reader go on that long journey of rebuilding his life. Lucius is the strongest vampire of the group in the series, both physically, and emotionally. He has been through hell, and had to fight his way back. So when things go wrong in the series, they all look to Lucius for answers because they know he can handle even the worst of situations.

I hope that my readers felt the emotion that I put into Guided by Moonlight. I wanted to tell a heart wrenching story of someone who refused to be broken, even with all the odds stacked against him!

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Did You Know – 6

“Did You Know” part 6 is about Christian! I have gotten more comments on Christian than any other character in the series. People either love him, or hate him it seems. But I think everyone will be shocked to know that I had always planned to kill Christian off at the end of The Lie! 

I think we have all had that friend, where it is awkward because one of you likes the other one more, and the feelings are not returned. Skyy crushed on Christian for a long time, then they became such good friends that when he reveals he is in love with her, she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship. I wrote his reaction and feelings from a realistic standpoint, because it isn’t always a good feeling to have your heart broken. Christian is hurting, and from his side, it looks like Skyy moved on with someone new, who he was unfamiliar with, very fast. His emotions flare up because of that hurt, and pain.

I knew from the start of the series that Skyy would end up with Aiden, and somehow thought Christian’s death would be an emotional, tragic moment in the book…something Skyy would be crushed by. But it didn’t make sense, and by the end of The Lie, I had fallen for him as a character and there was no way I could kill him! Plus, he is a piece of Skyy’s old life, and having him turned by Fiona, essentially making him “family” would give Skyy one more friend and ally she could always trust.

Though he will always have a soft spot for Skyy, and will probably always love her in some way, he bonds with Fiona, and they start a fun, adventurous new life together. He evolves into somewhat of a bad ass in the series, and I felt like I needed to redeem him after so many people didn’t like him being a “whiner” after Skyy broke his heart.

What did you guys think of Christian! I’d love to know your thoughts!

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Did You Know – 5


“Did You Know” Part 4 is all about what inspired Aiden. Of course, he is my ultimate book boyfriend! He is everything you could want in a man; he is handsome as can be, muscular, but not too muscular, dresses well, smells good, has a smile to die for. He is old-fashioned and courteous. Being rich doesn’t hurt either. I know, he sounds like the total book-boyfriend cliche, but I wrote him to be (hopefully) a lot different than most of the other men in romance stories.

As I mentioned in the post about Skyy, it was so important for me to have a realistic introduction for the two of them. He has always seen humans as something he needed to hide his identity from, so when he meets Skyy he is scared of her because for the first time in his LONG life, he is interested in someone. Logically, he knows it can’t be possible, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Their slow, evolving relationship takes on many stages, and Aiden is trying to become more comfortable with the reality of revealing what he is to her.

The sudden way that they meet, when he is forced to save her life, throws him right into the mix of things, and I wanted their story to be that of a transition on both sides. Skyy, into the world of the supernatural, and Aiden’s into the transition of a relationship with a human.

The name came from a couple of celebrity “crushes” I have always had, funny enough both named Aiden/Aidan Turner. His visual appearance evolved from Aiden Turner, and Liam McIntyre (swoon!) and there you have Aiden Carrick fleshed out visually!



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Did You Know – 4

“Did You Know” Part 4 is all about your favorite grumpy grandpa, Killian! I wanted the role that he would play to be a family member that wasn’t immediate, so I chose for it to be Skyy’s grandfather because he could hide his “secret” better than if it were say, her mother or father. I was always very close with my grandfather, and he passed away when I was seventeen. Skyy’s memories of her grandfather before his death were always very fond. He was loving, kind, and fun. I guess that part of his character was a nod to my own grandfather, but the similarities end there!

Writing his character was very different for me, because I wanted him to still show that loving, caring side to Skyy, but at the same time he has a LOT on his plate with the Divine Assassins. Having been around for centuries trying to deal with the huge threat of Elizabeth Bathory, he became short-tempered and grouchy. He is one of the leaders of the secret organization, and a lot rides on his shoulders. Seeing his granddaughter not only tied up with a vampire, the ONE thing he hates more than anything, and her discovering his secret adds on a whole new level of grumpiness. He has to stay focused on the task at hand, and try to keep Skyy safe.

The name Killian has been one of my favorites for a long time as well. I first discovered it while reading Michael Turner’s “Fathom” comic books. Michael Turner was one of my comic artist idols, and he passed away at a very young age (R.I.P.!) but I was obsessed with this comic for a long time. You can read more about it here if you’re interested. 

In 2011 a friend of ours found a tiny little chihuahua puppy freezing in a pile of dead leaves on the side of their house. I saw one picture, and instantly fell in love. We took him in, as they couldn’t keep him, and guess what we named him!? Killian!

So, fast forward to 2013 when I picked up the story I had started back in 2005 of The Lie, and I needed a name for Grandpa. Since Killian can be kind of grouchy, but also very lovable, I decided to use my dogs name!

So, you can see that the name has a lot of sentimental value to me. I know a lot of people disliked his character in the series, but he was one of the more challenging, and fun characters to write!

Did You Know – 3

“Did You Know” part 3 will be all about our main character, Skyy! As I mentioned in the first installment of these posts, the whole series was inspired by my trip to St. Mary’s Cemetery, and Salem, MA. There are definite pieces of me in Skyy; for instance I used to drive a souped up Mustang back in the day. I also love everything about the supernatural, and the “what-ifs” of the world. I grew up reading horror novels and ghost stories…so I guess those parts of Skyy are also reflections of me.

I wanted a main character that was believable though. My style of writing is more like I am watching a movie unfold in my head, scene by scene. Trying to balance reality with a fictional world of supernatural beings is tricky, but I wanted it to seem like a “Hey, what would I do in this situation in real life?” type of writing style. Nothing drives me more crazy than things that don’t add up, or people doing certain actions that you know you wouldn’t do in real life.

She needed to be vulnerable, but also strong. I wanted her to grow, evolve, and become an actual part of this world I created around her. In the beginning she had no idea vampires existed, let alone all of the other creatures she would encounter. So The Lie was all about her trying to wrap her head around that as fast as she could, because the threats come at her pretty fast. I wanted her to have a believable relationship with Aiden once she finds out more about him. And though I know a LOT of readers love seeing the main hero and heroine jump into bed right off the bat, having a gradual love interest for Skyy was very important to me.

The name Skyy was an evolution of the name Skye, which has always been one of my favorite names. I took it into a lot of video games that I played throughout the years, and inevitably the name Skye (spelled that way) was always taken by another player. Skyy, spelled with two Y’s was usually free, and it kind of became my go-to name for gaming for a while! So after a lot of sleepless nights, Skyy’s persona came to life, a mix of my gaming life, my experiences in Salem, my love for supernatural, and my desire to tell an old-fashioned love story!

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Did You Know – 2


For the second installment of the “Did You Know” posts, we will talk about Marblehead, MA. This is where Aiden lives, and it is also a real place that inspired my book. It neighbors Salem, and it’s only a hop skip and a jump from the center of the city. I was born and raised in Florida, and can honestly say I had never seen a place like Marblehead before my first visit.

It is like taking a walk back in history. The drive from Salem to the center of Marblehead is beautiful, and it takes you along the coast. You’ll see some really big houses out there, and this is what inspired Aiden’s mansion! The center of town has a cemetery called Old Burial Hill, which was established in the 1600s. It is a small trek up the hill, but well worth the view. The headstones are gorgeous, and the view of the harbor is breathtaking.

One of the Salem Witch Trial victims is buried here, and it was the daytime setting for the movie “Hocus Pocus” (which I only recently found out).

While Aiden’s house wasn’t designed after any certain place in the city in particular, I could totally imagine him living his private life in his gated mansion in the beautiful town of Marblehead. I’d highly recommend taking the short drive from Salem if you ever find yourself in the area. I will put some pictures below, again these are very old (2005, 2009)



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