Did You Know – 11

Today we will talk about the Order of the Divine Assassins! The backstory to where I got the idea for the name has a lot of sentimental history to it for me! A lot of you already know that I am a huge gamer, and though I have been console gaming since my Atari days, my first MMORPG was EverQuest. I got a trial copy of it when I bought something from BestBuy in 1998, and I actually had no idea that I was playing with other people. I learned quickly though, and before long I was on my way to making my own guild in-game.

A good friend and I had some drinks on the patio of a local Irish pub one night, trying to decide on what we would call our new guild. A bunch of laughs (and beers) later, the Divine Assassins were born! We cleared some major raid content in EverQuest, before we went into World of Warcraft as Divine Assassins Reborn. I still game with a good chunk of those original members, almost twenty years later!

I love to imagine Skyy and her friends zipping around the world through their portals. Writing about how Skyy reacted to the learning potions was also a blast, and a pivotal part of the story. The two separate reactions changed her completely, and I would love to write a background story about the Order, and delve deeper into why Flavia and Skyy  had such odd things happen to them when Divine Assassin magic was introduced to their vampire bodies. The long, extended lives of the members of the Order is also something I’d like to explore! 

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