Did You Know – 3

“Did You Know” part 3 will be all about our main character, Skyy! As I mentioned in the first installment of these posts, the whole series was inspired by my trip to St. Mary’s Cemetery, and Salem, MA. There are definite pieces of me in Skyy; for instance I used to drive a souped up Mustang back in the day. I also love everything about the supernatural, and the “what-ifs” of the world. I grew up reading horror novels and ghost stories…so I guess those parts of Skyy are also reflections of me.

I wanted a main character that was believable though. My style of writing is more like I am watching a movie unfold in my head, scene by scene. Trying to balance reality with a fictional world of supernatural beings is tricky, but I wanted it to seem like a “Hey, what would I do in this situation in real life?” type of writing style. Nothing drives me more crazy than things that don’t add up, or people doing certain actions that you know you wouldn’t do in real life.

She needed to be vulnerable, but also strong. I wanted her to grow, evolve, and become an actual part of this world I created around her. In the beginning she had no idea vampires existed, let alone all of the other creatures she would encounter. So The Lie was all about her trying to wrap her head around that as fast as she could, because the threats come at her pretty fast. I wanted her to have a believable relationship with Aiden once she finds out more about him. And though I know a LOT of readers love seeing the main hero and heroine jump into bed right off the bat, having a gradual love interest for Skyy was very important to me.

The name Skyy was an evolution of the name Skye, which has always been one of my favorite names. I took it into a lot of video games that I played throughout the years, and inevitably the name Skye (spelled that way) was always taken by another player. Skyy, spelled with two Y’s was usually free, and it kind of became my go-to name for gaming for a while! So after a lot of sleepless nights, Skyy’s persona came to life, a mix of my gaming life, my experiences in Salem, my love for supernatural, and my desire to tell an old-fashioned love story!

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