Did You Know – 5


“Did You Know” Part 4 is all about what inspired Aiden. Of course, he is my ultimate book boyfriend! He is everything you could want in a man; he is handsome as can be, muscular, but not too muscular, dresses well, smells good, has a smile to die for. He is old-fashioned and courteous. Being rich doesn’t hurt either. I know, he sounds like the total book-boyfriend cliche, but I wrote him to be (hopefully) a lot different than most of the other men in romance stories.

As I mentioned in the post about Skyy, it was so important for me to have a realistic introduction for the two of them. He has always seen humans as something he needed to hide his identity from, so when he meets Skyy he is scared of her because for the first time in his LONG life, he is interested in someone. Logically, he knows it can’t be possible, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Their slow, evolving relationship takes on many stages, and Aiden is trying to become more comfortable with the reality of revealing what he is to her.

The sudden way that they meet, when he is forced to save her life, throws him right into the mix of things, and I wanted their story to be that of a transition on both sides. Skyy, into the world of the supernatural, and Aiden’s into the transition of a relationship with a human.

The name came from a couple of celebrity “crushes” I have always had, funny enough both named Aiden/Aidan Turner. His visual appearance evolved from Aiden Turner, and Liam McIntyre (swoon!) and there you have Aiden Carrick fleshed out visually!



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