Did You Know – 6

“Did You Know” part 6 is about Christian! I have gotten more comments on Christian than any other character in the series. People either love him, or hate him it seems. But I think everyone will be shocked to know that I had always planned to kill Christian off at the end of The Lie! 

I think we have all had that friend, where it is awkward because one of you likes the other one more, and the feelings are not returned. Skyy crushed on Christian for a long time, then they became such good friends that when he reveals he is in love with her, she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship. I wrote his reaction and feelings from a realistic standpoint, because it isn’t always a good feeling to have your heart broken. Christian is hurting, and from his side, it looks like Skyy moved on with someone new, who he was unfamiliar with, very fast. His emotions flare up because of that hurt, and pain.

I knew from the start of the series that Skyy would end up with Aiden, and somehow thought Christian’s death would be an emotional, tragic moment in the book…something Skyy would be crushed by. But it didn’t make sense, and by the end of The Lie, I had fallen for him as a character and there was no way I could kill him! Plus, he is a piece of Skyy’s old life, and having him turned by Fiona, essentially making him “family” would give Skyy one more friend and ally she could always trust.

Though he will always have a soft spot for Skyy, and will probably always love her in some way, he bonds with Fiona, and they start a fun, adventurous new life together. He evolves into somewhat of a bad ass in the series, and I felt like I needed to redeem him after so many people didn’t like him being a “whiner” after Skyy broke his heart.

What did you guys think of Christian! I’d love to know your thoughts!

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