Did You Know – 7

Lucius Gallus is today’s spotlight! Though I love all of my characters, Lucius is definitely one of my favorites. In The Lie, I only had a rough outline of who he would eventually become, as he was a secondary support character. I got a little burnt out on writing from Skyy’s perspective after The Portal, which is when I decided I wanted to do a background story on Lucius.

Guided by Moonlight was my favorite book to write. I love history, and ancient Rome especially, so starting his story and moving through the centuries was very exciting for me. I really wanted to try to put myself into his shoes, and imagine how terrifying it would be to be exiled, and on the run not knowing what was happening to you. Lucius is all alone, fending for his life after being attacked by what he can only call a monster.

He had everything taken away from him, and I wanted to have the reader go on that long journey of rebuilding his life. Lucius is the strongest vampire of the group in the series, both physically, and emotionally. He has been through hell, and had to fight his way back. So when things go wrong in the series, they all look to Lucius for answers because they know he can handle even the worst of situations.

I hope that my readers felt the emotion that I put into Guided by Moonlight. I wanted to tell a heart wrenching story of someone who refused to be broken, even with all the odds stacked against him!

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