Did You Know – 8

Today’s “Did You Know” is about Aiden’s mother, Fiona. Much like Lucius, I had not fully fleshed out who Fiona would become in the later books, because I didn’t actually intend for it to become a series. I knew that I wanted Aiden to have someone with him on his journey into immortality. He had stayed by his mother’s side when all her other children abandoned her in their human lives back in the 1400s. They had a close bond, and while Aiden was desperately looking for a cure to save his mother when she becomes ill, I thought it would be perfect for them to stick together in the afterlife.

As I mentioned in the spotlight about Christian, I had always intended to kill him off at the end of The Lie. While I was writing the scene where Fiona tries to save him, it all just clicked. They were two people unlikely to hook up under normal conditions, but she and Christian formed a bond, that would turn out to become stronger and stronger as time went by.  Her bubbly personality, and her natural instinct to take care of those around her, made her the perfect match for Christian. His broken heart begins to mend, and before long they are on their way to their happiness. They both have fun-loving, adventurous personalities, and I thought they would be a perfect match!

I wanted her to be a caregiver, and though she is tiny, she is not to be underestimated. She has been trained by Lucius and Aiden to fight and defend herself, and her family. You see both a sweet side, and a deadly side to her in the series! It was important to me to not just have her as the pretty, helpless damsel. So when the fighting starts, she is right there in the mix of things.

I also loved writing the interactions she has with Skyy. Fiona is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and all the latest trends. That was something she found a passion for when her and Aiden began their adventure. They suddenly had more money than they knew what to do with, and were mingling with royalty. Fiona had never been rich in her mortal life, so it was all new and exciting for her. She loves playing with Skyy’s hair, and enhancing her natural beauty. She doesn’t get the chance to mingle with many women, so as their “family” gets bigger and bigger, Fiona plans makeovers and special pampering parties as often as possible!

I think most of us wish we had a mother-in-law as cool as Fiona! Skyy has no trouble bonding with Fiona because she is so sweet and caring. She saw how happy Skyy made her son, and that was her biggest wish for him; to finally find happiness.

Maybe I will write a story on what Christian and Fiona end up doing after the series ends!

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