Did You Know – 9

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today will be about Skyy and Aiden! Writing their love story was SO much fun! From the very moment the idea for The Lie popped into my head, I knew that I wanted their romance to be more old fashioned. I didn’t like the thought of my main character jumping into bed with her love interest in the third chapter. Building up a meaningful relationship for the two of them was very important to me!

I also wanted there to be a lot of mystery in the beginning of The Lie. Revealing what Aiden is was gradual, and I wanted people to step into Skyy’s shoes as she wonders what she saw in the cemetery that night. She knows this “entity” is following her, and while it kind of scares her, it intrigues her even more. She wants to find out who…or what… he is, and Aiden doesn’t know how to respond. He is attracted to her, but knows that a relationship with a human would be unwise.

Skyy doesn’t give up, and leaves letters for him outside her door, and Aiden is also curious to find out more about her. The communication evolves from letters, to talking online, then the phone, and then they meet in person. The scene where Aiden comes to Skyy’s rescue was one of my favorite scenes to write! It is the first time she sees him, after all of that wondering. Aiden was terrified to meet her in person, but protecting her overtook all of his fear as he rushes in to save her. Skyy was already captivated by him and their interactions before that night, but once she sees how handsome he is, she really wants to know more about him!

Little did Aiden know that this woman would change his life, in more ways than one! From the moment he saves her from the burglar in her house, he is thrown right into the mix of things, and his need to protect her kicks in. He takes her to his mansion to keep her safe, and throughout The Lie, their budding relationship grows. Aiden sees the huge threat that Skyy is in, and when Killian reveals that Elizabeth Bathory herself is after her family, he knows that there is no going back. 

Aiden is very old fashioned, and also very shy! He has never been with a woman physically, and had no interest in dating in the vampire world. So when he meets Skyy, he is very chivalrous. When she is abducted from his castle in The Countess, he realizes just how much Skyy means to him. The battle to get her back is agonizing for Aiden; he doesn’t know if he will ever see her again. Once she is safe, and back at his side, he knows he doesn’t ever want to be apart from her again.

As their relationship continues to grow, Skyy becomes frustrated that Aiden wants to wait until they are married to have sex. I know it’s the 21st century, but this was important to me! I really wanted that relationship to be fleshed out as more than just sex in the series, and to show how much he deeply cares about her. Skyy is the one to initiate their first kiss, and the shower scene in The Countess was very fun to write!

Their wedding in The Lucent was also a blast to write! I wanted it to be magical, and what better way to do it than in The Lucent with Radiant Fae all around you!?

I hope that you enjoyed the gradual romance between Skyy and Aiden. I loved writing a “knight in shining armor” lead male, and while Skyy is no damsel in distress, I don’t think she would have made it as far as she did with Aiden by her side!

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