One Small Detail

2016-653-ebook-holly-hudspeth-one-small-detailThis sweet, opposites attract romance follows two people who couldn’t be any more different. Ivy Ashton has lived her entire life on the outskirts of the kingdom of Starfall, in a tiny village. Being left to fend for themselves against bandit raids with no help from the capital, she and her family have little to no love for the crown.

When Second Lieutenant Pierce Garland rides into town with a small regiment of military, the last thing he expected was a full scale attack that leaves the small village in shambles. After being forced to flee with the remaining survivors, Pierce quickly finds out just how much anger there is towards he and his men.

Join Ivy on her journey, where a magical encounter in the woods one night changes her perspective on life. She’ll travel all the way to the capital, where she finds herself thrown right into the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the whole kingdom.

Love, magic, fantasy, and betrayal await you in this medieval-fantasy novel from Holly Hudspeth, author of the best-selling Skyy Huntington Series.

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