So blah this weekend – And I hate paperbacks

While I did manage to get about 3 chapters on book 2 done over the weekend, I feel so blah. Didn’t do anything at all but sit on my computer writing, or vegging out. I found a new game for my phone called Majesty: Fantasy Kingdoms that sucked all my time away today…it’s super fun and addicting. I also looked around for some photos to use for the cover of book 2, and was pleased with some of the ones I found. My cover artist should be able to work her magic as usual with whichever one I pick.

While I still am waiting on the joints to finish putting my raised garden bed together (Home Depot had to ship them grrr) my seedlings I planted indoors are doing amazing! And I will be picking my first strawberry of the season tomorrow, have one tiny berry that’s red and ready to go.

On another note – it’s come to my attention lately that I really am not wanting to read physical books anymore. I always try to buy the hard cover or paperback version of a book if it’s an author I really like, because I like to support them, and so I can add it to my collection of their books on my shelf. I really thought I’d hate the Kindle when I got the first one back in 2010. But I found that I fell in love with digital readers, and own 3 Kindles now. The last few books I bought in physical form just agitated me, they are awkward and uncomfortable to hold after you’re used to your e-reader. I bought the latest book one of my favorite authors put out the other day (which I am ashamed to say I fell way behind on her series until recently) and I am regretting buying it in paperback and struggling to finish reading it because of that! I hate to say it, but I think it’ll be the last physical book I buy 🙁

Anyway, back to doing nothing for the rest of the evening. Waiting on my phone to charge back up so I can play more Majesty, and watch Shameless. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well!


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