Did You Know – 1


I hope that you enjoy this series of posts! I often wonder what inspires authors to write the stories they write, and get asked the question a lot. So, over the next few weeks, I will let you take a peek inside the world I created with my series. I love getting asked questions, so if anything piques your interest, feel free to ask!

For my first installment of “Did You Know” I bet you will be shocked to hear that I never intended for my series to actually become a series at all! It all started back in 2005, when I had my first visit to Salem, MA. As cliche as it sounds, I wanted to go there for Halloween, and got there the day before. I instantly fell in love with the quaint little city. We spent the first day exploring the town, had some drinks after dark while walking the cobblestone streets, and somehow we ended up in the very cemetery that The Lie opens up with.

Yes, that’s right, Saint Mary’s is an actual place. We drove around, took lots of pictures, and I fell in love. The wheels in my head were turning as I took in every single detail. Maybe it was the setting, being in Salem and all, but I thought this is the perfect place to start a story. Little did I know, that twelve years later I would have a best-selling series based off of that one night.

The next night, we wanted to drive through again, and as cliche as this sounds, we were in a cemetery, in Salem, on Halloween, at midnight. Something about this cemetery captivated me. Some of the photos we took had orbs in them, if you believe in that kind of thing. It was magical, and not long after that trip, I started writing down the first few chapters of The Lie. I’d put the project aside for many years, but always kept adding on ideas in my head. Then, in 2013 I picked it back up again, and finally finished it. The characters took on a life of their own, and evolved way past the initial story I wanted to tell. Once I saw the reception to The Lie, there was no way I could stop there, and quickly began fleshing out the rest of the series!


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