The Lie, free April 20th – and also information on book two!

Hello everyone! I have some really important and exciting news. First off, in preparation for the launch of book two in The Skyy Huntington Series – The Countess, I am going to have a free promotion running this Saturday, April 20th for book one in the series – The Lie. So if you’ve been interested in picking it up and catching up before the release now is the time!  Also there has just been a new, updated edition of The Lie pushed to Amazon and this should be available for download within 24 hours if it doesn’t automatically update on your e-readers. There were some slight punctuation errors that were edited as well as some very minor changes in context. I do realize that there were some punctuation mistakes in the first edition and I hope you can all forgive me! Everything should be in order now as we move on to the exciting release of the second book.

I know I promised that the website would be updated last weekend, but I have not received my promotional images just yet and hope to have them by the end of the week. So until then I can give you the exciting news that book two, The Countess, is officially finished and I am more pleased than ever with the outcome. There is a ton of action, plenty of new characters, as well as all of the same familiar faces you’ve grown to love from The Lie. Elizabeth Bathory, the countess herself, will be making her debut in this book….and she is quite terrifying. I will warn readers now, this book is quite different from The Lie! There are some very graphic scenes, so prepare yourselves for an epic adventure. The book moves at a fast pace that I hope you will enjoy!

The tentative release date will be April 27th but there is a chance it could be released slightly sooner than that. But no worries, you’ll have a brand new copy of The Countess on your e-reader by the end of April either way. Once again, I thank all of my readers and encourage you to give me your thoughts and feedback after you’ve read the new book! Keep checking back in the days to come, as I’ll be updated my blog and Twitter at the very least until the website has the updated changes on it with the countdown to The Countess!



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