The Skyy Huntington Series

First off, thank you for your interest in The Skyy Huntington Series!

The Skyy Huntington Series was hard to put a genre label on. I settled on Dark-Fantasy Romance because there are some shocking scenes that pop up from book two and on. If you are faint of heart, this isn’t the series for you, and it certainly isn’t for a younger audience.

What I can promise you’ll get out of the series is a lot of action, romance, paranormal beings, horror, mystery, some seriously bad villains, magic, and some very steamy love scenes!

If you’re interested in reading just the back cover blurbs for each book, you can click the image below which will take you directly to Amazon. If you want to keep reading about the series you’ll find that (along with potential spoilers) below. There is also a book trailer you can watch!


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 The Lie – Book One – The Skyy Huntington Series

The first book in The Skyy Huntington Series introduces you to our main character, Skyy, and you’ll get a glimpse into her everyday life. But don’t worry, because that “normal” life of hers is about to change in a big way! The book, and the theme of the whole series, has elements of fantasy, romance, and paranormal, along with some horror scenes that will be popping up more and more in the series.

The series is written in first person perspective, and set in modern day, but has some flashbacks in history. The antagonist, Elizabeth Bathory was a real person who existed in the 1600s. She was possibly the worlds most prolific serial killer, with records claiming she murdered between 600-1000 people. In The Skyy Huntington Series, she has turned into a creature of unimaginable terror, both a vampire and a sorceress who plays with the dark arts, she is also experimenting with mutation using fae DNA.

The lead character, Skyy Huntington, led a simple, normal life until now. She is twenty-eight years old when the series begins, and has always been interested in the supernatural world. She read countless books throughout her life about vampires, ghosts, aliens, and always wondered what it would be like if they existed. The beginning of the series is set in Salem, Massachusetts, soon after Skyy’s grandfather passes away. She inherits his house, and a whole lot of problems soon follow.

Skyy’s best friend that she has known since high school, Christian Vane, is another major character in The Lie. Christian is a hard working, sweet and gentle person who is deeply devoted to Skyy. He’s got the hots for her, but has always been too shy to speak up.

Without giving away too much of the plot to those of you who have not yet read The Lie, there are three more major characters that are introduced in this first book of the series.

The Lie is really setting the stage for what is to come. There is action, and suspense, and also a huge surprise that will end up changing Skyy’s life forever. Elizabeth Bathory herself won’t appear in person until book two, The Countess.

There are quite a few historical references in The Lie, and this continues throughout the whole series, which is one of the things I loved the most about writing these books. I find it very fun to merge fiction with history, and was influenced when I was a young teen by several authors who used this approach to writing.

In book two, The Countess, Skyy travels to Europe. This book has a much more dark and sinister feel to it than The Lie did. There is a lot more action, as well as some romance, and a decent amount of horror.

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The Countess – Book Two – The Skyy Huntington Series


First of all, The Countess is a much darker book than The Lie is. There is a LOT of action in The Countess. We pick up right where we left off with The Lie. Skyy, Aiden, Fiona, Lucius, and Christian all board a private jet to Aiden’s castle in Scotland, and even Cupcake comes along for the ride. They aren’t there for long before the action kicks in and Skyy is terrifyingly abducted from the castle, and taken to one of Countess Elizabeth Bathory’s castles.

There are new characters and new species in this installment. I won’t give away any information on the species, but I can introduce some of the new characters. First off we have Elizabeth Bathory herself making her appearance. The rumors were true, she’s been experimenting with dark fae DNA, and when Skyy meets her, it’s obvious that the Countess isn’t all there in the head. There is not one good or decent bone in Bathory’s body, and she has been keeping up with her murdering and torture for centuries.

You’ll also meet Ridley Whitmore, a member of the Divine Assassins – a mysterious and magical Order. He has a pivotal part in this book, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in future books. He is one of the youngest members of the Divine Assassins, and becomes fast friends with Skyy.

And of course, we’ll get to see what the Divine Assassins are doing to destroy the evil book that Bathory forged in the 1600s with the souls of her victims.

And last but not least, there are some pretty hot and heavy romance scenes in The Countess!

I can tell you there are a lot of new faces in this book, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it. As always, if you enjoyed my books, please leave me a review on Amazon!


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The Pursuit – Book Three – The Skyy Huntington Series

In the third book, The Pursuit, Skyy’s life has changed dramatically. She went through hell and back in The Countess, and has barely had any time to process all that has happened. Deciding that she will no longer be the helpless victim, she went ahead and made the transition from human to vampire.

But something went wrong with the change, and she is unconscious for weeks on end. When she finally wakes up, she isn’t quite like everyone expected her to be. Trying to adjust to her new life, new body, and new job as a Divine Assassin is going to be more of a challenge than Skyy realized.

With no time to spare they have to jump in head first to try to find Bathory, who fled after the huge showdown in The Countess. While on the hunt for Bathory, they find out that she may not be working alone.

As they search for more information, they head to London, and find themselves up against yet another murderer. Realizing that the villain is not human, they begin a game of cat and mouse with someone who is always one step ahead of them.  Unlike Bathory, this villain likes to toy with them from the shadows, keeping them frustrated and ever the more vigilant to find him and put an end to his killings.

And as usual, Killian Huntington, one of the leaders of the Divine Assassins, is still having issues coming to terms with being around vampires…even if they are good ones. But Aiden won’t let Skyy out of his sight after an incident with her out in the field.  Killian will find himself once again asking for the aid of her vampire friends before too long, when he sees that things are quickly getting out of hand, even for his highly trained Divine Assassins.

You’ll also be getting to know Ridley more in this book, since they were placed together as partners in the Divine Assassins after their disobedience in The Countess. They aren’t sure if it was meant to be a punishment, or just that Killian didn’t know what else to do with them, but their friendship and trust grow even more as they work together to find the answers they are looking for and prove themselves to the rest of the Order.

There will be new faces, and new enemies in The Pursuit. This book has a lot of action, and a lot of mystery to keep you guessing and on your toes.

And more importantly….recent findings point to the chance that even if they do find Bathory and kill her, she might not stay that way.

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Guided by Moonlight – Lucius’s Story – Book Four – The Skyy Huntington Series


Guided by Moonlight takes a different approach, by putting secondary character Lucius Gallus front and center. The book is from his perspective, and starts off in ancient Rome, where he is brutally attacked. He is forced to flee the city, and what follows is a heart-wrenching journey that will take you throughout the centuries.

New characters are introduced, and you’ll find out the entire backstory on how Lucius came to meet Aiden and Fiona, how he got the sword he loaned to Skyy, and why he is so somber all of the time. The story follows his life up to where The Pursuit ends, and The Portal begins.

This book has a LOT of historical stopping points in it, and plenty of action. You’ll walk in Lucius’s shoes, and find out what it is like to be a part of a world you had no idea existed.

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The Portal – Book Five – The Skyy Huntington Series

theportal-finalAs Skyy and her friends travel to New Orleans in search of the ever-elusive Jackson, they arrive in a city that looks like it would be the perfect place for a vampire to dwell. But they quickly discover a large community of vampires that are all at war with one another. Things get heated shortly after their arrival, and they are thrown into the middle of a situation they have no desire to be a part of.

Skyy begins to have hesitations on whether or not she wants to continue along the path of being a Divine Assassin after a few life-changing side effects from the magic change her forever. Can she figure out how to remain part of the Order, and keep herself alive at the same time?

Twists and turns are around every corner in the dark alleyways of the French Quarter. New alliances, and shocking betrayals will keep you on your toes as Skyy continues to learn how to adjust in her new world of magic, and supernatural beings.

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