Whirlwind weekend!

My back is thoroughly sore from digging around in my backyard yesterday planting raspberry and blackberry bushes and trying to set up my raised garden bed. The kit shipped with plastic parts: the joints and stakes for the wood were all plastic and 5 of them were busted on arrival! So frustrating….so now I have to hope the local Home Depot has something I can use as a replacement to get the stupid thing put together.

This weekend was also my first free weekend promotion for my new book The Lie. I am blown away by the response I got! I ended up with 910 downloads, and made it to #16 in the top 100 best sellers in the free paranormal genre on Amazon. I’ve already got positive feedback and reviews on the book as well, which makes me happy beyond words. It’s more than I ever imagined would happen, especially this soon after publishing. A HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who downloaded my book this weekend, I hope that you enjoy it.

Please be sure to join me on Twitter for updates on book two in the series, The Countess. I am hoping to have it out some time next month! https://twitter.com/SkyyHuntington

I’m attaching a screenshot of my ranking on Amazon, because quite frankly I can’t even believe it! This was one of the most exciting weekends I have had in a long time.

Again: THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded my book this weekend!




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