Who’s ready for the blurb reveal!?

Ok guys! Who is excited about Lucius’ book coming out June 30th 2015?! I will officially reveal the cover tomorrow, but here is a special sneak peak treat of the blurb:

Guided By Moonlight – Lucius’ Story

This is a stand-alone novel based on characters from The Skyy Huntington Series, and goes up to the timeline of where The Pursuit ended. While you can read this as a solitary book, it does contain spoilers from the series.

Lucius Gallus has been alive for a really, really long time, and there is a lot more to his story than one might think. You’ve gotten to know him as the quiet, brooding, leader of his “vampire family” in The Skyy Huntington Series, but now we’ll take a journey far back in time to learn about his origins.

Centuries ago he was a medicus living a very normal life. He fell in love and had a child, and then one night his life was changed in a brutal way…but he never lost his humanity. Learn what it is like to fall down so hard, you cannot imagine how to begin to pick yourself back up.

This is the story of a man-turned-vampire who cannot be broken. This is the story of Lucius Gallus.


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